About Us

Save and relief Foundation is a registered National Voluntary organization, which is engaged in the relief activities such as saving, rescuing and rehabilitation of victim of natural disasters. Women and children need special care, health services and counseling etc.

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing assistance to the people and areas that have experienced great hardship due to forces beyond their control.

Save & Relief Aims

  • To create an infrastructure suitable to save, assistance, shelter and protect human life in the event of all natural calamities like Flood, Earthquake, Fire ,Volcano, Tsunami, Tornado, Katrina, Cyclone, Avalanche, Cold, Drought, Disease, Famine, Hail, Heat, Hurricane, Impact event, Landslide, Mudslide, Sink hole, Solar flare, Storm Surge, Thunderstorm, Winter storm,  Heavy Rain, disease,   etc. in India as well as Abroad and to act as Disaster Managers, Food managers, Health/ Medical Managers, Awareness Faculty, Information Media, Aviation support etc.
  • To provide emergency relief and assistance after disasters, Counseling, rebuild communities, and help children and families overcome poverty.
  • To provide aid to refugees, food for the hungry, and assistance to the impoverished.
  • To undertake disaster relief activities to ease the suffering caused by a disaster in India and abroad.
  • To undertake programmes for women empowerment, Rural development, education of the masses, Vocational training Programmes, mass employment generation, upliftment of physically challenged, environment protection and awareness, promotion of science and technology, saving the classical heritage of India. Gender-equity and justice, Rehabilitation of child, adult education, upliftment of tribals in India and overseas. To arrange for eye camps and blood donations camp.
  • To construct the building for working women hostel, old age home, short stay home, training centre and setting up any production and marketing centre and other economic activities for women and handicapped.
  • To arrange, establish, manage and supervise orphanage homes, old age-homes, night-shelter, community centers, Mahila Ashram and Nari-Niketan. etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a better future for those in need of RELIEF by providing opportunities for volunteers to change their lives by changing the lives of others.

Charity Organizers

Harshavardhan Reddy

Harshavardhan Reddy


Nitya Reddy

Nitya Reddy